Trustee, Fiduciary and Philanthropic Services

  • Independent
  • Long term relationship
  • Preservation of confidentiality and reputation

Authorised by FINMA as a DSFI under the Anti-Money Laundering Act


The Group

Reliance Trust was founded on the belief that an independent, professional and client oriented company is best placed to serve a demanding international clientele. Reliance Trust is management owned and not affiliated with any financial institution, bank, P/E investor, or law firm, and therefore avoids the conflicts of interest common to so many other fiduciaries. Reliance Trust has our personal and long term commitment to provide the security that our clients count on. Our clients have the ability to select their own professional legal, tax and financial advisors, but we can also arrange introductions to leading experts in many countries. Our procedure and compliance principles exceed industry standards, and respect all regulatory obligations.

Reliance Trust was founded by Annemarie de Wit, a legal and tax adviser in Geneva, Switzerland. She has assembled a team of professionals with experience at leading international service providers in Switzerland, a.o Daniel Hollowell a senior trust professional with more than 20 years experience and Herman Krul, who founded ATC (Switzerland) Sàrl in 2003, together with the ATC group, and who succeeded to develop a high quality fiduciary business in Switzerland.

Our team brings together legal and tax expertise with the diverse skills of the experienced trust and company administration professionals. Our mission is to deliver the highest standards of work and a strong focus on a customer-oriented, legal and tax compliant approach. We look forward to serving your trust and company administration needs for years to come.

Our administrative offices are located in Switzerland and Luxembourg. We have cooperative relationships with an extensive network of international service providers.

Reliance Trust is supervised by the highest authority in Switzerland, the FINMA, as a DSFI under the Anti-Money Laundering Act and is a Member of the Swiss Association of Trust Companies (SATC).


To achieve the highest standards of work in today’s fast changing world, it is essential for a trust company to focus on its core competencies. As such, Reliance Trust specialises in the field of corporate and private client fiduciary services. We believe that it is not in our client’s interest to offer secondary services such as asset management, auditing, etc.

We feel that it is our duty to preserve our clients’reputation, as much as that of our own company and our intermediaries.

To achieve this we adhere to a professional and compliant approach to business. Confidentiality of our clients and their families, and protection of their assets are one of the priorities of our team.

At the same time, it is important that our clients are able to establish a long term relationship with our employees. Our team aspires to be your partner of choice.


Reliance Trust serves a sophisticated international clientele of corporate and private clients.

Our corporate clients include large and small multi-national companies with activities across a variety of sectors and geographies.

Our private clients include many entrepreneurs and their families. They are typically HNW or UHNW individuals.

Our clients benefit from a reliable and responsive team with a dedicated contact person for each client at a fair and transparent pricing structure.



Daniel Hollowell
Daniel has been working as a Trust professional for the last 20 years, predominantly in Guernsey. Before working for Reliance Trust, Daniel has worked more than 3 years for ATC (Switzerland) Sàrl in Geneva, as Senior Trust Manager and previously was a Vice-President for Northern Trust Fiduciary Services (Guernsey) Ltd based in Guernsey.
Mobile Phone: +41 79 241 03 33

Annemarie de Wit
Annemarie is a seasoned legal and tax adviser and qualified in trust management. Before founding Reliance Trust, she was a legal and tax advisor with the Swiss law firm Bonnard Lawson in Geneva / Switzerland for several years, and she worked for more than ten years with Loyens & Loeff in Geneva / Switzerland and in the Netherlands.

Annemarie assisted her international private clientele of HNWI and UHNWI with the legal and tax planning and specialised in international tax and estate planning, and in relocation issues. She has extensive experience advising companies on legal and tax issues, particularly on setting-up their structures, advising on corporate tax issues and cross-border tax planning.
Mobile Phone: +41 79 272 03 32

Herman Krul
Herman founded ATC (Switzerland) Sàrl, in 2003, together with the ATC Group. Herman succeeded to develop a respected, high quality fiduciary business in Geneva and Zug. Previously, Herman was in the top management of Cargill based in Geneva.
Mobile Phone: +41 78 748 10 88


We engage qualified personnel and remain committed to their continued training. To better serve our international clientele, we have representatives from a number of different countries and are able to serve our clients in several languages.

Advisory Board

We highly value the presence of a number of top professionals in our Advisory Board.

Thomas Ragan

Mr. Ragan has for many years specialised in advising private individuals and businesses in their international investments and wealth structuring in the United-States. He is a partner in the New York law firm of Ragan & Freeman LLP.

Huub Spierings

Mr. Spierings spent 36 years with Cargill, and held the posts of President of Cargill International, President of Cargill Europe, and as a member of the board of directors of Cargill Inc. in Minneapolis.

Anthony Teves

Mr. Teves has worked as an international tax lawyer for 15 years with Loyens & Volkmaars / Loyens & Loeff in the Netherlands and in the United-States. He later became a member of the management board of the Hagemeyer group, a listed company in the Netherlands.


Our broad experience in the fiduciary and financial services sector and extensive network of local and regional practitioners enables us to offer a full range of services. Our services are divided into corporate client services, and those aimed at private clients.

To assure the highest quality administration and management of our clients’ affairs, Reliance Trust uses a state of the art software system, Viewpoint. This is one of the most sophisticated management solutions on the market today, and is ideally suited to administer, manage and do the accounting for the structures of private and corporate clients.

Corporate Services

We provide services to holding, trading, royalty, finance and service companies of various sizes.

The OECD’s Base Erosion and Profit Shifting initiative (BEPS) will soon change the nature of the financial playing field, eliminating many traditional tax shelters and tax exposure strategies. Reliance Trust is well positioned to assist our clients in adapting to these developments as they happen.

With the help of professional tax advisors, we assist our clients to select the most suitable jurisdictions and strategies to effectively use double tax treaties (DTT) and Bi-lateral Investment Treaties (BIT) to protect the assets and minimize the tax exposure.

Our services include amongst others:

  • Administration, including FATCA and similar reporting
  • Accounting
  • Domiciliation
  • Dedicated office space
  • Employee staffing
  • Nominee shareholding
  • Reliance directors and industry specialized directors
  • Secretarial and corporate governance
  • HR / Employee services / Payroll
  • Tax declaration
  • Treasury service
  • Escrow
  • Assistance with financing, IPO, club deals, etc.

Private Client Services

We provide services to many private structures which include both trusts and foundations, private trust companies, special purpose vehicles and employee benefit structures.

Structures can be useful in estate, tax planning and asset protection. They are used as holding companies for a variety of assets including real estate, investment portfolios, yachts, art collections, etc.

Reliance Trust acts as a Swiss Trustee for trusts governed by various jurisdictions including England and Wales, New Zealand, The Bahamas, and others.

Our services for these structures include:

  • Administration, including FATCA and similar reporting
  • Accounting (geography and jurisdiction specific)
  • Trustee – Co-Trustee / Director / Protector
  • Domiciliation
  • Nominee shareholding
  • Tax declaration
  • International employee & expatriate services
  • Assistance with financing, club deals, etc.
  • Family office services


We provide specialized services for clients that want to set-up a charitable structure. This concerns charitable trusts and charitable foundations.

We can assist with:

  • The incorporation of the structure and liaise with the various authorities like the public notary and the commercial registry
  • The coordination with tax experts to discuss and obtain a tax exemption
  • The correspondence with the supervision authority
  • The administration, accounting and fulfilling all legal and tax obligations
  • Additional services for international charitable organisations, e.g. enhanced compliance analysis which includes but is not limited to checking the source of funds coming in, provide gift certificates, keep track of substantial donors etc.


Reliance Trust has offices in Switzerland and Luxembourg. To address the specific needs of our international clients, each office is led by experts who have a specific understanding, technical knowledge, cultural background and professional network in the country.

Why Switzerland?

  • Switzerland is known for its political stability, independence, dedication to the preservation of confidentiality, and the provision of a broad range of financial services.
  • Switzerland is not a tax-haven, but a respected on-shore jurisdiction, and on no black lists.
  • Switzerland has been able to develop a highly professional, multi-lingual workforce that is trained to work with famous Swiss precision and efficiency.

Using a Swiss Trustee

  • In 2007, Switzerland ratified The Hague Convention on the Law Applicable to Trusts and Their Recognition.
  • In 2008, the Swiss federal tax authorities issued the Circular no. 20, laying down the principles applicable to trusts that hold assets for resident and non-resident clients and are administered in Switzerland.The Circular clearly confirms that there are no negative tax consequences to non-resident clients engaging a Swiss trustee.
  • Reliance Trust – a Swiss based trust company – may administer trusts that are governed by the laws of other jurisdictions.

Why Luxembourg?

  • Like Switzerland, Luxembourg is one of the largest global financial centers. It is a stable and multicultural state with a solid financial infrastructure.
  • The country is a member of the European Union and of leading international economic organisations such as the OECD.
  • Luxembourg is the Eurozone’s leading private-banking market, with more than 140 private banks. Thanks to the support of these private banks, reputable law/tax firms and quality fiduciary, trust and corporate services companies, the country offers a broad range of financial services and attracts large international clients.
  • The country currently implements the MiFID II package. The objective is to make their financial markets even more efficient, resilient and transparent and to further improve investor protection.
  • Luxembourg has flexible and attractive legal, regulatory and tax regimes. The extensive double tax treaties and bilateral investment treaties are generally based on the OECD model convention. This gives assurance on their interpretation and makes the country highly attractive (compared to offshore jurisdictions), particularly for the structuring of complex international transactions.
  • The country is an international niche leader, notable in fund distribution, being the world second largest center for funds after the US. It has also a leading position in Financial Technologies ‘FinTech’.


Reliance Trust has a business practice that involves participating in initiatives that benefit society:

  • The Group is committed to the continued training of its employees and finds it important that they (together with their families) enjoy a good quality of life. To do so, the company actively contributes to cultural and sport activities.
  • To benefit society on a larger scale and contribute to global economic and social development, Reliance Trust has created its own “Charitable Trust” under the laws of England and a “Social Responsibility Committee”. Reliance Trust and the Reliance Charitable Trust financially support amongst others the following charities:



Our team is on top of international developments and on reporting obligations (FATCA/CRS). This enables us to provide tailor made and innovative solutions that are in line with international regulations and makes Reliance Trust a leader in the field of trust, fiduciary and corporate services.

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Contact Persons

Annemarie de Wit
Mobile Phone: +41 79 272 03 32
Daniel Hollowell
Mobile Phone: +41 79 241 03 33
Herman Krul
Mobile Phone: +41 78 748 10 88


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CH – 1205 Geneva

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